What’s Up in the Forums: Jaguar F-Type Cargo Solutions

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Our members explore a variety of ways to add cargo space to the Jaguar F-Type.

The Jaguar F-Type is an excellent car for a number of reasons. It’s an incredible looking performance machine that doubles as a stylish cruiser, namely. But as with any smallish two-seat sports car, it lacks in one specific area. That area, of course, being cargo space. So what’s a Jaguar F-Type owner with dreams of using their ride as a bit of a grand tourer supposed to do? At least, that’s sorta what Jaguar Forums member blackcat1 is asking in this thread.

“I am desperately seeking the hidden installation of a 2” (or 1 1/4” if needed) hitch receiver. So that I can attach a bike rack, golf club rack and/or other racks which will help me expand the relatively useless space in the boot for when my wife and I head out for long weekends.

I know it seems like sacrilege, but I’ve seen it on many Porsche 911s, Corvettes, and other sports cars. So I’m interested in whether or not anyone has solved for this. I’m talking with the owner of Stealth Hitches, who seems to be interested but he’s far away (I’m in suburban Chicago). Would sure love a solution. Even if someone locally knows a great quality fabricator shop who could do something.”

Surely something like this exists, right? Well, at least DJS has spotted a couple of cargo solutions for the Jaguar F-Type.

“There are a few strap-on cargo bags, which I’ve considered. Plus various strap-on or suction bike racks for the coupe. You’d have to cut a hole in the valance. I think you’d lose way too much clearance if it went under it.”

There is a factory solution, as malbec so graciously provides photographic evidence of.

Or, as IronMike points out, there’s always a more elaborate solution.

“You could always do what Team Sky did a few years ago for their pursuit vehicle at the Tour de France.”

Jaguar F-Type

And so far, that’s all we’ve got. So we want to know – are you aware of any cargo solution options for the Jaguar F-Type? Or, even better, do you have one you’re currently using? If so, head over here and share it with us!

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