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Hello everyone

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Default Hello everyone

I've been a Jaguar fan for many years and currently own a 2006 S-Type, which is finally about to turn 100,000 miles. It's silver with a black interior. I admire the classic style and lines of this car everyday. This is my third Jaguar through the years.

My first introduction to a Jaguar was a 1982 XJ6 that was very challenging to own. I liked to refer to the straight-block engine as a tractor engine, as it was touch as nails. A funny story is that when I purchased it, the previous owner had rigged it to start by touching two wires together. I finally tracked the problem down to a faulty neutral safety switch. It had also been run into a ditch or something and the bonnet was cocked up on one side. Also rusty floor pans. One of the back doors would sometimes swing open when turning a corner. This car was a hand-full to own, but I hung in there with it for a few years before selling it.

I should have kept that car.

My second Jaguar was a 1998 XJ8, or the beast. The original engine has been replaced during the Nikasil years. It was daily driver for several years, until the transmission starting slipping and jerking. I had a local well-known transmission shop to rebuild it (so they say) for a big pile of money and things were fine for about a year, until the warranty ran out. Then it starting giving me problems again. I just couldn't bring myself to throw more money into the transmission, so my mechanic sold it "as is" and we split the profit.

But I should have kept that car as well.

Then the 2006 S-Type came along and I'm dealing with a couple of problems at the present time. I just replaced the expansion tank after the plastic nipple broke in half in the top small radiator hose leading over to the engine. Next time, I'll invest in the constant-pressure clamp tool to make the job easier. And a good siphon pump to empty the expansion tank as much as possible before disconnecting the bottom hoses.

There is also something out of whack with the fuel gauge, as it will not read "full" after a fill-up at the gas station. I'll stop about halfway, although I have a full tank. I'll stay at half-a-tank until I use that amount then register correctly for the remaining fuel in the tank. So I just stare at it, remember that I have a full tank and put the problem on the back burner for now.

Another problem is the infamous Jaguar "door locks, then unlocks" with the key fob after exiting the vehicle. I tracked the fault down to the passenger door interior lock lever now working when I press the key fob outside the car. But all the other doors will lock. So I guess I have a faulty door lock actuator in the front passenger door.

In the meantime, I discovered I can lock the passenger door manually (with my hand), and as I exit the car, and all the doors start locking and unlocking in unison until I close the driver's door. So it's locked tight as a drum as I walk away. A press on the key fob will also activate the alarm. That's gives me some reassurance a thief won't run off with the car. When I return to the car, I can open the driver's door with the key fob and all the locks start unlocking and locking again until I'm inside and close the door. Then I'm locked in, even before driving away. At least a good thing, perhaps.

One more funny story, or maybe not so funny, about the "locking, unlocking" woes. So I come home after work and the garbage can is still on the street. I stop in the driveway, leave the S-Type running, shut the door, and start walking to the street to get the garbage can. I immediately recognize my mistake. As soon as I closed the door, the "locking, unlocking gremlins" lock the door -- with the engine running. I can't get back in the car and call myself an idiot as I stare at my cell phone in the cup holder. Luckily, my wife was home, so I ring the doorbell and asked her to bring the me the second key so I can open the door to an idling Jag in the driveway. Had she not been at home, this would have really been an ordeal.

So yes, my new friends, I'll need help figuring out some of these issues. My introduction has gotten long, sorry about that, and I won't go into details about my AC only cooling at high interstate speed and I sweat at stop lights on the city streets. Already replaced the circuit board behind the glove box to the tune of around $2,000. Other people say it might be the compressor. Also the condenser fan(s). I wish I can see them for verification buried behind all the hoses and plastic stuff in the front of the engine.

Maybe at some point, I'll get to say "I should have kept this car" like I did for the other two (2) previous Jaguars.

Looking forward to being a participant in the forums.

Now: 2006 S-Type
Then: 1998 XJ8 | 1982 XJ6

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Hello, Earnest,
Your comment about the Jaguar XK engine resembling a Tractor Engine made me smile, because, having grown up on the farm that's how I look at it. However, when I related that impression over in our Xj6 Series section, inhabitants there were none too pleased with my opinion.

Welcome to the forums from ElinorB.
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Welcome aboard Earnest.
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Welcome to the Forums.

You have had quite an adventure, well done, especially that S3.
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A very late "welcome to the forum" Earnest,

Thanks for the great Intro. Your door locking woes sounds like a failing door latch micro switch.

I can see you've found your way to the S-Type forum so there's no need for a link to it from me.
The 'HOW TO' thread at the top is a good place to start for information on regular issues.

Enjoy the forums.

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Welcome to the forums.
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welcome to the forum - enjoy!!!
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Welcome to Jaguar Forums Earnest,

Good to have you with us.
Enjoy the forum.

If you haven't done so already you should add your car details to your signature to help others to help you.
If you need help with getting around and using the forum follow this link for some help Forum Help
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From one S-type owner to another... Welcome. The S-type forum is populated with a very friendly group and contains a wealth of knowledge.

I suspect from your central locking issues that you have a bad door switch and keeps telling the control unit that one of the doors is ajar. I would recommend breaking your issues into separate posts and letting the collective wisdom of the S-type forum have a crack at them.

BTW, if you do not have a professional grade scanner that can read Jaguar specific chassis DTCs, get one. My iCarsoft unit will pinpoint bad door switches, faulty parking aid sensors, etc.and saves a great deal of troubleshooting time.
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Thanks everyone for the warm welcome and encouragement. I try not to be too much of a bother with my Jaguar woes.
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