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X300 XJR what to look for?

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Default X300 XJR what to look for?

I usually post over on the X308 board as I have a 99 XJR but while perusing my local CL Jaguar section I came across an interesting car, a 95 XJR.
It looks good in the small pictures (not really a surprise), especially the interior and the seller mentions "minimal rust" which in these parts doesn't mean the same thing as "no rust".
The seller is also asking for significantly higher than kbb.com's suggested value (~2x) suggesting that these are appreciating in value.
I'm not sure I believe that's happening (it could happen but I'm not sure that's the case right now).
On my 99 X308 I've found plastic and rubber parts need close inspection. Things like fuel pumps, hood latches, door release cables, throttle bodies come up as common problem areas.
Are there X300 specific issues I should look for (head gaskets, oil leaks, cooling system, electrical weak spots, etc) on a middle aged cat?
Also the seller is stating the original asking price was $82k (US) which seems high as I thought my 99 XJR came with a $72k tag, just out of curiosity what would the original price for a mid 90's XJR have been?
I love my supercharged V8 but am intrigued by this blown straight 6.

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Default X300 XJR what to look for?

Let's try this again. My original post seemed to collect a bunch of views but no responses so perhaps my title mis-targeted my audience.

There's a nice looking 95 XJR in my local area.
Although I love some things about my 99 X308 XJR it has some issues related to it's life prior to my driveway.
I'd look for another X308 XJR but am intrigued by the 95 with the blown 6.
I've seen a couple of X300 threads concerning a water pump hose bursting and would guess hoses on any old car should be inspected carefully.
The X308 people with experience say head gaskets are an X300 issue although I wonder if it's more to do with keeping up with coolant flush/ change intervals.
Are there other issues that I should be aware of when looking at a 95 XJR?

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No head gasket problems on x300, main issue is rust and coils, everything else is simpler than on x308, more robust too I'd say and easy to work with.

Remember that minimal rust can turn 10 times bigger than it looks. I'd look at the front floor to sill joint as this seems to be the worst and most difficult to fix(read terminal)

Everything else can be fixed relatively easy, inc rear wheel arches. The basterd hose you're referring to is indeed a devil invention, can be tricky to replace on N/A engine, I bet its way more difficult on SC. Other than that always have a spare crankshaft position sensor with you and you should be ok to drive it to the moon and back.

I think original X300 SC cost ~50k GBP so you're not far off with the price in $.
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dwgates (10-11-2018)
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Here is a link from the sticky which would give you a general idea of what issues to watch out when considering an X300
X300 Series Buyer's Guide (by Doug, cheers).
Look up all threads started by me and you would have an idea of the worst case scenarios.
My list includes noisy tensioner, cracked exhaust manifolds (NLA new), failed ignition coils (buy made-in-Japan for your peace of mind), oil leak from rear end of engine oil plug (uncommon but would be a nightmare to identify and tackle), non-start due to various factors, from semi-working CPS to a corroded ECU, degenerated wire under Traction Control Module, failed fuel pump, and water in tank and/or fuel rail.
Look for an XJR that has been well cared for, verify fixes claimed, and you will save a lot of trouble.
The X300 XJR is a dream to drive if it is in good health.
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dwgates (10-11-2018)
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Originally Posted by dwgates View Post
..... while perusing my local CL Jaguar section I came across an interesting car, a 95 XJR.......
I've edited your original thread title to attract further views/response.


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dwgates (10-12-2018)
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I had both an X300 and an X308 from new back in the day. Loved them both, but the X300 was my favourite. To my eye, the interior and dash are more appealing, as are the bumpers and exhaust finishers externally, The X308 is slightly faster, and benefits from an extra gear, but in the real world not such a huge difference. The X300 benefitted from being the first supercharged car I had driven, and I was blown away, if you forgive the pun! The X308 was , as I have said, faster, but by the time it came along I was accustomed to supercharged power, so it didn't leave such a large impression.
When I decided to return to the fold many years later, I unhesitatingly opted for an X300, and she has been a joy. Such issues as exist are limited in number, and relatively well understood. You can see from the various threads on here that the vast bulk of issues can be remedied by a competent home mechanic, and I have certainly found that to be the case. If however you need to rely on using professionals to look after your car, you might want to check that you have some competent ones available locally. That said, the same applies to your X308, where the range of possible problems is longer and not quite so straightforward in all cases.
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dwgates (10-12-2018)
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Not a very experienced mechanic and nor have I done a whole lot of work on my Jag, but what has impressed me right off the bat with the straight six is the sheer amount of space you have to work in that engine bay - for a saloon/sedan it’s a very easy to access vehicle and it seems to lend itself well to DIY maintainence, which you may appreciate.

The Jag I have runs the naturally aspirated 4.0L straight six engine and it’s a lovely charming engine. Really a great unit. So a well cared for supercharged straight sixwould be great - I think you’d enjoy it greatly. These cars are quickly becoming classics, so if you take good care of her, you’ll have a wonderful toy on your hands that you can use quite regularly.
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As for charging 2x kbb cause of appreciating, looking at kbb for my car in my area it has depreciated about $500-$1000 since I bought it about 4 years ago. Plus the value of the car is what it is now, I understand paying more sometimes if you really want it, but to sell it double under the pretenses of it appreciating is bogus to me. If he thinks it'll appreciate and wants to make more off of the car than he should take the risk and wait. I get we enjoy our cars and likely wouldn't make any money off of them. Hell if I sold mine, I'd be at a major loss from all the work I put into it. So maybe this isn't really a great analogy, but would you buy a stock for more money than it's worth based on thinking it would be worth that years from now or would you buy it at the cost it is today and hope to make money on it years from now?.

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Unless you have a well cared for X300 in pristine conditions, with everything original and working, including original paint, motorized antenna, driver seat still like new, the exhaust manifolds do not crack, clock and radio still reading well, your engine never misses a beat, and you are prepared to keep the car rather than use it as a daily car, then one day its value will rise. However, reading from this site everyone is either struggling in varying degree to keep their units running or from rusting away, or are obsessed with modifying the engine to squeeze a bit more of performance (and there is considerable potential - DrJag made it to nearly 600 PS). The XJRs are the naughtier bunch, how would they not try to run them every day and outperform other modern cars? However, how many models like the X300 still draws so much interest in a public forum like it here? My Alfa 164 made in the same year of 1995 is more legendary than the X300 and perhaps other models manufactured in the same era, but is rarely remembered and recognized now, and there is about one post per week in the 164 forum. I would say, just enjoy the X300, and help one another restore or keep them running. The value of such common purpose and experience is priceless .
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dw, Ive had them all, new and used...….the 95 is a great first year car .
There are things to look for, most was done because its so old.
First if its REAL EARLY is there a glove box door?
Early non glove box doors, some had idling issues between the cams, ecu and all the rest.
In english they would run at idle a little rough.
They are bullet proof cars but its 22 years old.
Whay are they asking?
Tramming was another issue as well as stiffer rear springs, only on early car.
Slapon modern Michelins and you are good to go.
oil gage sensors were swithed and some leaked from the blower moter snout.
But this was a long time ago.
I put 50,000 miles on a 96 xjr in one year!
Great style too.
Good luck.
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