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How many miles is too many miles?

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Originally Posted by Ranchero50 View Post
Cold start, random rattle from up front for the first couple seconds. The VVT uses engine oil pressure to vary the timing and it bleeds around the VVT piston or valve seals when shut off.
Does it sound kind of like a sheet metal heat shield vibrating?

I do get that noise on cold starts. Always wondered what it was. So bad VVT solenoids? EDIT: So bad VVT solenoid seals?

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Originally Posted by sparky fuze View Post
What part of the country are you located in? Are you looking or a coupe or a convertible? A first gen 4.2L or a 5.0L, NA or S/C?

Are you in HI, and going to need to float it out to the island?
I'm in Georgia and looking for a convertible. I have a mechanic i trust and i definitely don't know how to do the work myself.
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Originally Posted by Tervuren View Post
When buying a used luxury car it helps to approach it from an angle that if it goes kaput you are able to go out and buy another used luxury car.

This brings peace of mind. Buy half your budget or less.

There have been a few users who have shown up that bought these cars at a stretch of budget; they did not enjoy their car from their worry.

People generally speak up when they have a problem rather than when they do not.

This skews the view where only problems are seen. It makes it easy to fear the rare and ignore the common.

The more important aspect is to figure out all the silent people that haven't had problems.

The common is that issues are fairly rare aside from standard wear and maintenance items.
Maintenance item includes battery, happy good battery, happy life.

There was a 152,000 Mile 2007 XKR not too long ago I'd have considered if it were east coat instead of west coast.

It had regular maintenance, was used for regular long trips, whoever bought that got a deal. The miles were not proportional to the wear.
It's good to sometimes hear the positive. Thanks
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Originally Posted by stxscott View Post
I researched, searched and tried negotiating on several deals for 7 months before finally pulling the trigger on a private sale for an 07 XK. My research told me that the 07-09 range with the 4.2 was what was best for me. Initially I was looking at the 03-06 (also 4.2), but the improvements in handling and comfort of the 07 up convinced me to look exclusively at that range.

My search was nationwide. Initially I was solely focused on XKR's but with time I realized that to find a good one with less than 100k miles I'd be looking at least 18k and up. It was a tough decision to discard this option, as I preferred the nose on the XKR's with the subtle difference in fog lights, and of course the sweet hood vents and quad exhaust. As this was going to be a part time touring car, I decided to settle on the XK's and I have not been disappointed at all. Performance is more than adequate for my needs. My biggest decision was then to go convertible or coupe. Coupe would provide more storage for road trips, and less potential expenses/problems related to the top. And while the convertible adds a ton of fun factor, the coupe has the aston-martin-ish lines that are soo seductive. In the end it came down to finding the right deal.

My searches had been confined to dealerships, because of the difficulty of conducting the transaction from a distance, but in the end I found the right 07XK from a private seller - 79k miles, for under 13k. The carfax was not perfect with two small dings, but only two owners. The car itself appears to be in good condition and looks to be otherwise well maintained. Not perfect, but very nice. I feel the price was good given all these factors - including new tires, and recent documented service work. I expect to drive this car intermittently for a couple of years, while I have secure covered storage, and maybe 10k miles total. I expect it to hold most of it's value, less service costs etc. because I will still be under 100k miles when I re-sell.

With 15k to spend you should have no problem finding a very nice low mileage, low owner, accident free XK. If looking at XKR's all you are likely to find at that price would be highly questionable quality, many owners, and possibly an accident or two. While I personally did not do a dealer pre-purchase survey, I would recommend one for most buyers. I would not look at anything that has ultra low miles - constant use and servicing is better than a garage queen in my mind. I buy vehicles to enjoy them, not put them on pedestals.

The good thing about the 4.2 is that the basics are built to handle the XKR supercharger load at 420hp. The XK 4.2, at 300hp, should hold up well over the long term with adequate maintenance. I wouldn't be afraid of a higher mileage XK.

Good luck with your search!
Thanks much! I drove an 08 non R and was really thrilled with the drive so an XR and 4.2 s fine for me
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Default Looking to buy

Originally Posted by Aloha Bob View Post
Hey folks, brand new here. I just hit 50, inherited some money and want to get an XK or XKR as my mid life crisis car. We already have a convertible Murano for when I have my wife and son with me, and an FJ Cruiser for our SUV needs. The Jag would be my toy for when I need to get out and drive a bit.

I'd like to stay closer to $15K and I know it's definitely possible, but I've seen that the lower prices usually come with higher miles. My FJ Cruiser has 235K and is still running strong.

With this car, is there a reason to stay away from something with too many miles and what would be considered high? What services should I be looking for in the records and at what mileages to know if it's been maintained well
Where are you located? I paid 150.00 for my PPI at jaguar Minneapolis when i bought my XK several years ago. I have 124000 miles on her now. I have a 2007 coupe. The car has been very reliable. This forum is filled with an enormous amount of information that will serve you well. My advice to you is use Jaguar parts. It will save you headaches/disappointment down the line. If you want to tweek something USE THIS FORUM FOR ADVICE. These guys are by far the BEST resource I have come across and I have owned Porsche, BMW, Mercedes and subscribed to their forums. I spent MUCH more in maintenance on those cars as well vs. my XK. The X150 XK is a beautiful car to own if you do right by her. Batteries are its weakest link to me, but, buy a Battery tender (CTEK) and you will be fine.
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Bob, I'm answering your question in the other thread in this thread as it is more relevant.

He sold his XK this year and got a 911, however, this is what he thought at 110,000 miles.

Originally Posted by michaelodonnell123 View Post
Today is overcast with spots of rain, a lazy day indeed...

I will keep this 110,000 mile review brief and too the point. It's perfect!

These are tough cars, miles and degradation are not linear.

Environment and owner care would be more important to me were I shopping for one again.

I would consider most any mileage on these cars providing it is in good shape and has been cared for.

There are increments where maintenance should be done that make cars around those increments more expensive.

Any car with undone maintenance will be more expensive.

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I have a 07 XKR coupe with almost 140k miles on it. Have had it for 6 years, and put 80k miles on her.

I use it as a daily driver and itís been fairly reliable. Had to replace one cat at 110k, and the valley pipe blew at around the same time, but besides that itís been good. I have a great independent mechanic who does everything on her, have always used jaguar parts and serviced at 10k intervals. Besides the engine cooling system which had had several issues, Iíd say the 4.2 is pretty bulletproof.
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