Forbes: Jaguar XF One-Year Resale Values Drop Big Time

By - Jaguar XF FORBES Resale Value

Jaguar makes top ten spot on Forbes list, just not the one we were hoping for.

Well, you know what they say: All press is good press. Forbes published a list of vehicles with the strongest initial depreciation in North America. They use the term “One-year resale values” as a way to soften it, but it’s depreciation. As soon as that shiny, new car rolls off the dealership lot, it loses value. Some cars, more than others, clearly.

This list of thirteen cars features a few picks both expected, and rather surprising. As a car enthusiast and appreciator of all marques, some of the picks were obvious. Sadly, I’m not blind to the fact that premium vehicles, like Jags, tend to take a beating when it comes to depreciation.

Initially, I was going to guess that the typical high rollers would make the list: The BMW 7-Series and Mercedes-Benz S-Class, in particular. Those two take a savage beating when it comes to depreciation. However, Forbes rather oddly only counts the first year of depreciation. With those two, it’s usually after 4-5 years that they seemingly lose 80% of their market value.

As per Forbes, the XF loses 32.3% of it’s value after one year. This amounts to, in their books, $19,966. Ouch. Fortunately, for most of us, initial depreciation is just a theoretical concept: the average new car buyer is keeping their car for over 5 years these days. By that point, anything that doesn’t have a “Camry” badge plastered on the back has hit pretty substantial depreciation, so don’t take it to heart. Besides, it’s more comforting to cry about money lost while sitting in an XF, than to drive said Camry, altogether.

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