‘Get Carter’ Was a Crappy Movie — But the Jaguar Chase Scene Was Great

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Jaguar Chase Scene — Get Carter

Get Carter was an uninspired remake of a ’70s British mob flick. You should just watch the car chase.

I only know get Get Carter has a wicked Jaguar chase scene because it was shot around the corner from my old office in Seattle’s Pioneer Square.

For a few weeks, my colleagues and I walked by a wrecked Series III XJ that’d been stuffed sideways in a stairwell next to the city’s famed Triangle Pub, which is currently a landmark, and formerly a brothel. Since I’ve always been a huge Jaguar fan and love to see them in chase scenes, I asked around until I was able to learn what flick it was being shot for. And while I had every intention of catching Get Carter in the theater, it turned out to be a bomb, so it came and went pretty quick.

That said, I did manage to catch it on cable a few years later. It’s a by-the-numbers action thriller starring Sylvester Stallone as mob enforcer out to avenge his murdered brother. If Rotten Tomatoes is to be believed, the original 1971 version starring Micheal Caine is supposed to be way better. But from what I can tell? That one doesn’t have a Jaguar chase scene in it.

The villains drive the Jaguar here, and they’re chasing Stallone in a contemporary Cadillac Seville, which isn’t nearly as cool. What I found really interesting was the fact that the Jag — if the badging is to be believed — is sporting the 12-cylinder engine. To be honest, I don’t remember ever seeing a Series III XJ12 in the wild, and I didn’t know Jaguar even made them. Like the XJ40s which followed them, I thought all the Series III came with the straight-six motors.

Anyway, thanks to YouTube, you can check out the chase without having to sit through the rest of Get Carter. Check it out below, then head to the forum and let me know what you thought!

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