‘Robbery’ is a Great Example of Why We Need More Jaguars in the Movies

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Jaguars in the Movies — Robbery

Want proof we need to see more Jaguars in the movies? Just watch this chase with an MK 2.

As a life-long Jaguar fan, I’ve always wondered why Hollywood — and well, every other movie-making capital — didn’t use more of them in chases. Like I pointed out in my last Jaguar chase scene post, the sexy cats are unfortunately few and far between on screen.

But aside from being a wicked action sequence, the opening frames of 1967’s Robbery were actually far more influential than the film’s fame might suggest — because the shots of the Jaguar MK 2 tearing through the streets of London actually served as the inspiration for the iconic Mustang vs. Charger chase scene in Bullitt. Apparently, star Steve McQueen — who didn’t really need an excuse to include gearhead porn in any of his flicks — loved the scene, and even made sure to get director Peter Yates to behind the camera to shoot the San Francisco crime drama.

In the interest of full disclosure, I should probably admit that I think Bullitt is a middling movie at best. Sure, the car chase is great, but I can’t really get over how massively McQueen’s character screws up at the beginning. Maybe it’s just me, but if I was charged with protecting a high-profile witness? I wouldn’t go sneaking out to bang my girlfriend when my charge was holed up in a seedy hotel room. I guess people overlook stuff like that when you’re the King of Cool.     

Anyway, the thing which makes this example of Jaguars in the movies even more cool is that it’s — loosely — based on the true story of the Great Train Robbery, which captivated the imagination of millions of British citizens, and turned the 17 men who perpetrated it into near celebrities. Well, maybe we should say 16, as one of the crooks apparently remained unidentified. And given the lengthy prison sentences his comrades were slapped with, he’s probably quite glad for that.

Check out the killer chase from Robbery below, and head to the forums to talk about this great footage of an MK 2 being driven at the limit!

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