Jaguar Land Rover at the Geneva Motorshow

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It’s Geneva Motorshow week, and of course Jaguar Land Rover is in attendance.

Harry Metcalfe, formerly of evo mag and now an adviser to Jaguar, was at the Geneva motorshow checking everything out. While doing it, he was very kind to film it all as he experienced it, giving excellent commentary along the way. Of course, the Geneva motorshow had some truly epic vehicles in attendance. Everything from Pagani to Ferrari to Lamborghini, and everything in between was there. Of course, Metcalfe devotes a few minutes to what Jaguar Land Rover has brought.

Starting off with the shiny, red Jaguar I-PACE, we get to hear Harry’s insights on the car. It’s a real show-stopper in that color. Next up is something he is intimately familiar with: JLR’s SVO program. Metcalfe is an adviser for the Special Vehicles Operation. The special edition Land Rover Discovery Hero, which we have previously covered here, gets some time in the spot light. Metcalfe goes on for a bit longer before changing brands. Trust us, it’s worth continuing on with him, the whole video is spectacular.

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