One Man’s Noble Quest to Get 450 Horsepower Out of His Jaguar XJR

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There have been many a noble quest undertaken in the name of horsepower before, but few have been quite so honorable as jackra_1’s quixotic dream.

We know of jackra’s quest thanks to the big dreams of another Jaguar Forums member, viper1996, who started a thread entitled “Quest For 450 Horsepower,” wondering what it would take to achieve such a number.

That’s the beginning of a six-page saga, which immediately showed us that viper1996 isn’t the only person to go questing for more horsepower in his XJR. Jackra_1 quickly responded that he had already done a significant amount of work to his 2005 XJR (shown below).

Jackra_1 detailed all the work he’d done at that point, including modifying a used supercharger, getting the “porting done and a 2.6 pulley on the snout,” cleaning “the gunk from the charge coolers and the throttle body and the elbow,” and adding “an in line IC radiator with 2 6″ fans as well as an upgraded IC pump.”

Still, jackra_1 didn’t feel like he got much power out of all that. And he was rightly disappointed.

Well, now his fellow XJR enthusiasts, including viper1996, are helping him figure out how exactly to remedy that. A couple months and five thread pages later, and we’ve progressed to the point where jackra has found a tuner for the older model and is getting an upgraded cat from the U.K.

Hopefully, both jackra_1 and viper1996 will fulfill their quests soon enough. In the meantime, we’ll be following along eagerly. Will you?

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