Range Rover Velar Wins World Car Design of the Year!

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jaguarforums.com Range Rover Velar World Car Award

Range Rover’s Velar has been judged to be the most beautifully designed vehicle on the planet.

At least, that’s the news from the 2018 World Car Awards. This panel of journalists and industry experts, all 82 of them, voted the Velar to have superior styling over the gorgeous Lexus LC500 and interesting Volvo XC60. While the Lexus was a stout competitor, it’s hard to ignore how striking the Velar is.

Prof. Dr Ralf Speth, Jaguar Land Rover CEO, said: “The Range Rover Velar is an outstanding, superior SUV. Compelling modernity, eye-catching design, innovative Touch Pro Duo infotainment technology and a clear focus on sustainability ­– what a combination. This product speaks for itself.  

F-TYPE, Evoque, F-PACE and now the Range Rover Velar wins the World Car of the Year design award. This means a lot to us. I feel very honored and I want to thank all jury members for their trust and support in encouraging the Land Rover team to continue on their unique path.

I also want to thank our Velar team for their passion and commitment, for going the extra mile to move boundaries for extraordinary solutions.”

Congrats to Team Jaguar Land Rover. With the introduction of several new, stylish and potent models, we expect the accolades to keep flowing in.

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