Treat Yourself To This Rarer-Than-Rare XJ220 TWR Racer

By - TWR Jaguar XJ220 S race car Tom Walkinshaw Racing

Act quickly and you can own the fastest version of Jaguar’s last great supercar.

The 1990s were a wild time in the era of cars. Supercars were becoming a dominate category, the Japanese were making world-beating sports cars, and racing popularity was at an all-time high. The glory days in many instances. It was this atmosphere of speed and excitement that allowed Jaguar to create a magical car that was like nothing the brand had done before, or has done since. This was the era that brought us the XJ220.

A properly rare car in its own right, the XJ220 is a machine of legacy and glory that would be the highlight of any personal car collection. But there is a new, more special and immensely rarer version of the mighty XJ220 currently for sale in Baltimore. The XJ220C was created by Tom Walkinshaw Racing to compete in Group N racing. Everyone (rightfully) seeks to own one of the six road-going XJ220S models that TWR built to meet homologation requirements, but this particular car we found is actually one of the racing cars. On the outside, this car lacks the signature giant-wing that TWR fitted to the XJ220S, but you can’t deny this car’s racing pedigree. Open the door and you’ll find bare metal floors, a completely stripped interior, but most importantly you can find the stamped build plate that reads “Tom Walkinshaw Racing Ltd. Model XJ220-N, Chassis Number 003.”

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Just the sight of that riveted metal plaque gives us chills. Only three of the racing chassis were ever created, and this is thought to be the only survivor. With less than 500 miles on the odometer, the upgraded twin-turbo V6 isn’t even broken in yet. With a power output of nearly 700 hp and a lower weight than the standard XJ220, this particular racing sled should be able to reach nearly 230 mph.

As you would expect for a supercar of this caliber and lineage, the privilege of ownership won’t come cheap. The current asking price is one used Kia shy of one million dollars. If your pockets are deep enough, you can call Euro Auto Group, fly to Maryland, and drive home in your very own race car.

You can also feel free to give us a call, we’d be happy to do a review and full write up for you. Hell, if you can’t be bothered to fly to Baltimore, we’d even be happy to deliver the car to you, because we’re just that nice.

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