Jaguar Designer-Turned Artist Cliff Ruddell Shows Off Sexy Concepts

By - Cliff Ruddell Jaguar Styling Exercise Concept Artist

The stylistic journey of this Jaguar body engineer turning into an artist is breath taking and interesting.

Cliff Ruddell is a man you’ve likely never heard of, but he had a hand in almost every Jaguar produced for several decades. Cliff spent most of his working life involved with Jaguar. He started as an apprentice for Jaguar, and included detailed drawings with his weekly reports. From there he eventually ended up working for the body engineering department and then design feasibility. He was one of the unsung heroes that had to take the wild concept designs and turn them into real cars.

From that start doing small detail drawings, Cliff ended up creating full-sized prints of car designs for the engineering department, and then eventually he moved into high-art using automobiles. On his website he has a “Magic Marker” gallery, showing off what happened when he moved away from ink and pencil. We love the look and style of all these works, and we think you should give them a quick browse. We have included a few for you here, but it’s absolutely worth diving into his website to look at more. Cliff Ruddell Jaguar Styling Exercise Concept Artist

If you want to dig even deeper into Cliff’s work, it’s very easy to do. He is still taking clients today, and he has moved deep into 3D modeling and design, taking the skills he learned at Jaguar and applying them to the latest technologies. You’ll find that his 3D work has taken him to new industries as well. A model airplane designed after the SR-71 Blackbird, racing helmets, classic car restoration, and even cologne bottle designs.

This man has more talent than we can ever hope for, and we hope you appreciate seeing his work as much as we did. If you’re into Twitter, he’s also pretty active over there, so feel free to say hi.

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