Watch The Live E-Pace Unveiling On July 13th

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Jaguar E-Pace Promo

The event promises excitement and theatrics, including the new SUV attempting a barrel roll!

All eyes will be fixated on Jaguar this week, as they officially unveil the new E-Pace “compact” SUV. For those not able to attend the official event in person, Jaguar is hosting a livestream on Facebook at 3pm EST (12pm PST) on Thursday, July 13. Now, not everyone will be able to watch the livestream, but don’t worry, Jaguar Forums has you covered! We will pick apart the reveal and have all the important info for anyone who may have missed it.

With the overwhelming success of their first SUV, the F-Pace, it was only a matter of time before Jaguar fully committed to the crossover crowd by making a smaller SUV to compete with the likes of the BMW X3 and Audi Q3. While Jaguar has officially unveiled some teases for the E-Pace, including some official “spy” shots of the SUV, we truly don’t know what all they have up their sleeve for this reveal.

Jaguar isn’t worried about overhyping this event, either. They promise that the vehicle will “attempt to defy gravity – and make history – with the world’s largest barrel roll.” Not sure what sorcery they plan on packing into the tiny E-Pace, but viewers are ensured that it will be truly entertaining. Who doesn’t want to see a little crossover attempt to do a complete roll while mid-air?

Jaguar is hoping to change the hearts and minds of those SUV purists that look down on the crossover vehicles by highlighting the sporty nature of the E-Pace. They state that with the E-Pace, Jaguar wants to include the sports car performance with the functionality of an SUV. We’ve seen many luxury car makers go down this road with varying levels of success, but if the F-Pace is any indication of what to expect, Jaguar shouldn’t worry.

Honestly, the E-Pace seems like a no-brainer for the British manufacturer. They’ll likely sell incredible amounts of the crossover. We just can’t wait to see the barrel roll!

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