XJS Prices Seem to be Climbing: Will it Become the Next True Collectible Jaguar?

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XJS Prices

At least one new report says the era of bargain-basement XJS prices might be coming to an end.

Here’s some interesting news for Jaguar fans: According to UK site Classic Car Auction Results, Jaguar XJS prices seem to be on the rise. Now, I’ve wondered before on this blog about why prices for the classic XJ6 have been stuck in the dumper for the past few years, and some wise forum members have pointed out that prices for four-doors never seem to appreciate like coupes tend to do.

Of course, after considering that, it made me think about the XJS of the same vintage, as the prices for the sleek GT tended to track with those of the sedan — but that era might be coming to a close. Because as this article points out, “There are now far more cars selling for more than £10k, and the cars fetching over £20k are no longer just ultra-collectible cars or super low-milers. High spec, exceptional condition cars are now achieving these figures too.”

For fans who have kept their examples stock and maintained them well, this is obviously going to come as good news. Though plenty of folks who’ve done the relatively common small-block Chevy swap might be having seconds thoughts about doing the conversion given the new data.

In the Classic Car Auction Results piece, the writer makes some comparisons to the high prices its predecessor — the legendary E Type — are fetching, though I’m not sure we’ll ever see XJS prices get to that level. Obviously, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but personally, I don’t think the XJS is nearly as striking as the XKE, and its glorious aesthetics will continue to impact the prices folks are willing to pay. After all, we’re talking about the machine which Enzo Ferrari himself called the most beautiful car ever made. Given some of the creations we’ve seen from Maranello over the years? That’s pretty high praise.

So what do you think? Are we entering a new phase of pricing for the XJS? Head over to the forum and let me know what you think!

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