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Difficulty Connecting to the Forum....

Old 12-29-2016, 03:26 PM
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Default Difficulty Connecting to the Forum....

For the past couple of days my efforts to connect to the forum have been very hit-or-miss. I type in "" in my search bar as I have been doing since joining in January 2009 and most of the time my system responds within a few seconds telling me " is not responding". Thirty minutes later I try again and maybe the forum will come up as usual or maybe it will not. This can happen morning, noon, afternoon, or night so I do not believe it is heavy internet traffic-related....

This only happens with All of the other websites (including car forums) that I utilize on a regular basis have continued to connect normally....

Is currently doing some site maintenance or upgrades that we are unaware of?

I've been running Windows 10 on a new desktop PC since May 2016. This is the first and only connection issue I have encountered with any website since setting up my new desktop system at that time....
Old 12-30-2016, 03:13 AM
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Recent 'updates' by forum owner Internet Brands were completed early in December and we haven't been advised of anything further happening over the holiday period.

I have a dedicated Windows 10 PC with Firefox 50.1.0 just for the forum and haven't noticed any unusual delay or difficulty in connecting to recently.

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Jon89 (12-30-2016)
Old 12-30-2016, 07:02 AM
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Thanks for the feedback, Graham. Unfortunately, my connection difficulties showed up again this morning. After four or five refresh attempts, I finally got on board. Very frustrating, particularly when this is the only website where the problem occurs....
Old 01-03-2017, 03:29 PM
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My connection difficulties to have continued each day since they began last week. I made at least 40 attempts to connect to the forum today. I succeeded only 3 times. All other websites that I use on a daily basis have experienced absolutely no connection problems whatsoever....

I've cleared my cache memory multiple times. I've done many, many system restarts. Neither tactic has helped....

Very time-consuming and extremely frustrating. I may have to find another Jaguar forum....
Old 01-03-2017, 06:04 PM
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I have no difficulties with any of my machines. Maybe try a different computer or a different network?
Old 01-11-2017, 02:04 PM
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My forum connection difficulties seemed to magically clear up yesterday morning. No clue as to why - I have taken no new actions to resolve this issue since this past weekend....

Now that I have reported all systems clear again, I'm sure my desktop PC will find yet another way to hose me....
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GGG (01-12-2017)
Old 04-17-2017, 02:07 AM
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Has anyone seen this before when trying to log in? It is all I could get for the last 2 days on two different PC's.
Logging on to any other site, emails etc as normal.

I'm using windows7 & google chrome.

Never heard of or seen any mention of "Cloudflare" before and it doesn't appear in the programs installed on any of the PC's in the house.

Was still getting it an hour ago then tried again and log in was normal.

Old 06-10-2017, 09:23 PM
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I figure this is a good point for me to interject.

My long absence from the forum has been due to this problem. I am only
connecting now because I am using a borrowed computer to research
a repair. Otherwise I would not be posting at all because of the actions of
IB, the forum owners.

They have done two things:

- jaguarforums is now served through the above mentioned cloudflare proxy network. cloudflare has been observed to serve up errors when they cannot or choose not to keep up with demand.

- jaguarforums is now not available in non-encrypted http. all traffic is redirected to https, and if you are not using a compatible encryption version (as decreed by the security theatre geeks), you will not connect.

Like others, I tried over a period of time figuring on bad connections, but in the end
it turns out a connection would not ever be possible from my usual machine with the
current jaguarforums setup. My "reading" of jaguarforums is currently limited to
reading the responses to past subscribed threads when the notifications arrive
by email.

Not all casual users will have figured this out and will just presume jaguarforums
has bit the dust.

For ad driven sites, traffic is king, but IB seems intent on driving traffic away.

They could easily change this, but past experience says they will blindly charge
into the "future" because some PFY has pointed the way unerringly.

ps. the encryption level is probably TLS 1.3 and above. as a result, nothing before
windows 7 will work.

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o1xjr (06-11-2017)

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