Meet a 1990 XJS V12 called Cherry Blossom

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Jaguar XJS V12

After sitting for 14 years under a cover while life happened, the owner of this 1990 XJS V12 finally got to grit his teeth and has gone to work on it.

This car is owned by a member known as OrangeBlossom. He originally purchased the car in perfect condition still at 24,000 miles. In 2000 he put it on his lift to remove the leaking radiator. Unfortunately, while it was up there, a close family member passed away and the project went on hold. We all know how busy and complicated life can be, and as a result, his XJS V12 remained outside and under its cover for 14 years.

1990 XJS V12

The UK is a tiny rock in the Atlantic so when it’s not raining it’s mainly damp. It’s definitely not the best place to keep a car sitting, even if it’s under a cover.

When OrangeBlossom hesitantly lifted the cover in 2014 he was pleasantly surprised it didn’t look too bad.  Of course, the outside of a car is one thing. The underneath is a whole different ballgame.

The first sign that there was going to be a lot of time invested wrestling with rusted parts and screws was taking the wheels off. The list of consumables to replace was just the start of a huge project. A project is still ongoing, and there’s a lot of thanks to be given to the community. The restoration thread is huge and full of people chipping in to help with their expertise, encouragement, and advice. We hope to see the remaining problems ironed out soon so that OrangeBlossom can enjoy the fruits of his labors.

You can read through the restoration thread for this 1990 XJS V12 here.

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