‘Jaguar Forums’ Says Adios to 2016

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The Good, the Bad and the Leather-Clad from the Last 12 Months

As our planet hurtles around the sun towards an arbitrary position in space that signifies the close of another year, millions of people are reminded to reflect back on themselves. We here at Jaguar Forums decided to do the same thing, so we went back to find the most-popular posts from the last 12 months. As a gauge of our interests, wants, and consumption habits, this look back can tell a lot about who we are.

Taking a look at our top six most popular posts of the year, a few things become clear. Firstly, we love old cars much more than new ones. It seems we also have a strange attraction to blonde women in leather pants. We also want to feel like James Bond, and laugh when celebrity cars flop at auction.

Let’s dive a little deeper into all that, shall we?

Attacking the blondes in leather things head on, we have our most-popular modern-car post. A few hooligans in Europe managed to snag a top-trim Jaguar XE R-Sport and spent the day sideways and smoky. And because the internet loves pretty ladies, they took the liberty of throwing a young, leather-clad woman into the mix. The method may be a little uncouth, but the results speak for themselves with a spot on our list.

Rounding out the modern flair, we have a post about Jaguar’s new Activity Key, which lets you unlock the doors on your shiny new F-Pace SUV with a special wrist-mounted key — kind of like James Bond, if he was a millennial surfer from the Bay Area with more money than sense. I think it feels a little out of character for the brand to offer a $400 rubber bracelet to unlock your car, but considering it hit our list of top posts, you guys obviously care a lot.

On the celebrity front, a lot of you folks seemed to be very entertained that Adam Carolla’s Jaguar XJR didn’t do so well on the auction block. After posting the car up on Bring a Trailer, the max bid came in at a paltry $11,500. Better luck on the next sale, Adam.

From there, the list of popular posts just dives deeper and deeper into the vintage metal. We start with a tale of Classic Jaguar Replicas. It’s the story and driving impressions of a pair of C-Type replicas built by a father-son team in the U.K. Our next most-popular story involving old cars made new again was one about the E-Type Lightweight. After planning a run of 18 special edition E-Types in the ’60s, Jaguar only managed to build a dozen of them. That left six shells and vin numbers open, and last year, Jaguar finally started putting them together. With period correct parts, these Lightweight E-Types are the oldest new cars you can buy today.

Our last big story of the year is my favorite: a 3.8-liter E-Type from 1964 became the most literal “barn-find” car of 2016. Covered in mud, rust, and detritus, this particular E-Type had just 52,000 miles on the odometer, and it was pulled directly from a run-down barn. This kind of things fills me with the purest form of love. I’m happy to see you guys enjoyed it too.

So that wraps up our look back at 2016. As we prepare to circle the big orange ball of fire in the sky one more time, let’s look forward to 2017, and all the amazing car stories it may bring.

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Christian Moe contributes to many of Internet Brands' Auto blogs, including Corvette Forum, Club Lexus and Rennlist.

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