Here’s What To Look Forward To On Jaguar Forums In 2017

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A look at what we are most excited about this year. 2017 jaguar

We wrapped up 2016 with a look back at what you guys found most interesting. Now lets kick off the newest year of the Gregorian calendar with a look into the future to see what we predict will be the biggest and most exciting news of 2017.

So what’s going on for 2017?

Last year was dominated by stories of old things. Whether they were discovered or made new again, it was the vintage metal that demanded your eyeballs. We think 2017 may present a slightly different story however, and it all starts with three letters; SVR. jaguar f-pace

Last year brought us the F-Pace, and before that we were gifted the smaller XE. Now it’s time to see Jaguar flexing its go-faster muscles to bring these machines into the performance discussions. A V8 F-Pace makes it more competitive with offerings from Mercedes’ AMG division as well as Porsche. Plus the thought of a supercharged 5.0L in an F-Pace just makes us laugh with silly excitement. As for the XE, every major luxury competitor is pushing higher and higher into the performance market. With the launch of the new Alfa Romeo Giulia, the timing is perfect for Jaguar to launch an SVR variant of the XE. The sedan market is slowing in favor of utility vehicles, but the XE is hot for Jaguar. That said, sports sedans will always have cache and help foster brand identity.

Another thing you may want to keep your eyes open for is F-Type news. Jaguar has been keen on adding, changing or updating that little slab of awesome every year since it was announced, and we wouldn’t expect 2017 to be any different. It’s been four-years now since the original F-Type roadster launched, so expect to start seeing some news about a visual refresh. There have already been a few spy shots floating around, expect that trend to continue. I-pace electric car

Let’s wrap things up with the state of Jaguar it’s future with electric cars. The all-electric I-Pace was unveiled at the Los Angeles auto show this year and it is stunning. The I-pace is a showcase for the Jaguar brand as it establishes an identity in the world of electricity. With aggressive styling that is distinctly Jaguar, and a compact utility body style this is guaranteed to be a game changer for the company.

Have any ideas about what is in store for Jaguar and Jaguar enthusiasts in 2017? Drop a comment and let us know.

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