Adam Carolla Schooled on XJ13 Concept and 1956 D-Type

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Richard Mason of Jaguar Heritage Trust Tutors Adam Carolla About Two Super-Exotic Vintage Jaguar Racers.

We know Adam Carolla’s a Jag man, but he’s likely an even bigger one after last year’s Goodwood Festival of Speed.

As you can see in the recently published /DRIVE video above, that’s where the comedian/car guy got a chance to learn about two amazing vintage Jaguar racers. And Carolla couldn’t have picked a more knowledgeable tutor: Richard Mason of Jaguar Heritage Trust.

First, Mason schools us on the super-exotic XJ13 concept car from 1966. And by exotic, we’re talking one of one.

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Apparently it was dreamed up by a couple of Jaguar engineers who were drinking in a pub (shocking!). They “wanted to progress from the D-Type to the Le Mans program.” So they drew up this baby on the back of a cigarette box.

Unfortunately, it could never run at Le Mans due to “a lot of politics,” as Carolla puts it. But that doesn’t mean the XJ13 lacks history. And it’s still being driven, even though it’s pretty much priceless.

Mason continues his Jaguar racing history lesson with a stunning 1956 D-Type. It did get a chance to run at Le Mans, where it finished 6th. But it won the 12 Hours of Reims. And thanks to a recent makeover, the car looks pretty much the same as it did that historic day.

Although it’s certainly appreciated in cost. Mason estimates this D-Type would fetch between $5 and $8 million in today’s auction market. But again, that’s not stopping Mason and his team from driving it.

Ostensibly Carolla made his way to Goodwood to hill climb in his vintage Paul Newman Datsun racecar, but we’re guessing he’d rather have driven one of these.

Via [/DRIVE]

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