Throwback Thursday: F-Type Makes Jeremy Clarkson Downright Giddy

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Jeremy Clarkson can’t believe all the intoxicating sounds that come from the Jaguar F-Type.

Right off the bat, you know Jeremy Clarkson’s going to have fun with the Jaguar F-Type Top Gear┬áreview below. Maybe because he starts by calling it an “X-rated hardcore monster for the terminally unhinged.” (Would you say that describes you, F-Type owners?)

It’s also obvious right from the start that Clarkson really likes what the new (at the time) F-Type is laying down. He’s particularly taken by the “wide range of intoxicating” noises. Of course, he describes all the different noises in a way that only Clarkson can, eventually concluding that all together, they make “the sounds of the ’60s!”

Amazingly, all that aural love is bestowed even before Clarkson pushes down on the Sports Exhaust System button. After which, he goes from happy to downright giddy.

But Clarkson doesn’t think the F-Type is “all bark and no bite.” Oh no, that 3.0-liter supercharged V6 gives him plenty of pep to cruise the countryside. And what a countryside!

There’s really nothing like a beautiful car stretching its legs in beautiful country, along with a randy-good production crew to film it all. Sprinkle Clarkson’s astute and hysterical commentary, and you’ll see why we dusted this one off for some hot Throwback Thursday action.

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