F-Type Discoveries Thread Is THE Way to Learn About Your Jaguar

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Some of the most useful threads on Jaguar Forums are those dedicated to discovering new things about newer models. Such is the case with this recent F-Type thread.

Back in September of 2015, senior member PolkNole started the thread, titled “Name Something You Discovered About Your F-Type AFTER You Bought it…“. Since then, you fine folks have contributed 26-pages and counting worth of truly pioneering discoveries.

Okay, perhaps it’s not exactly on par with the Northwest Passage, but still, the discoveries listed will obviously be beneficial to any new Jaguar F-Type owners. As PolkNole says, “If everyone lists a thing or two, I’m sure we’ll all walk away with a few AHA’s ourselves!”

Here’s a sampling of some of those AHA moments:

“I learned that the ECO button only works when the car’s in non-dynamic mode, and that the manual spoiler button control only works when the car is in park.” — PolkNole

“I discovered that the manual spoiler button works any time I want it too, up to 60 mph when it deploys automatically. Convertible and coupes in the US are different that way, but UK coupes also work in motion.” — Foosh

“Have anyone noticed that when you open the hood/bonnet and stand a few yards away in front of the car, the car looks like a Jaguars head (with eyes, ears, mouth etc).” — Arne

“Last night on Paradise Drive in Marin, a REALLY fun and windy road like Maui’s Road to Hana, for the first time had the adaptive high beam and the lights that move when you turn….” — Uncle Fishbits

“Discovered a remarkable benefit to the ECO mode. Inadvertently let the clutch out at a stop sign while the car was still in gear and stalled the engine for the first time since I’ve had the car. Depressed the clutch to hit the ignition switch but the car fired right back up without using the switch. Makes sense, but I hadn’t thought about that.” — Unhingd

There’s plenty more discovering to be done in the thread, so check it out, and be sure to let us know if there’s anything you’ve discovered along the way that hasn’t been mentioned.

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