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Jaguar’s new small SUV is put through its paces. Does it measure up?

Jaguar’s first foray into SUVs, the F-Pace, has proved to be a runaway success. Its second SUV, the smaller E-Pace, is poised to make a big leap forward in sales as well. Regardless of how you feel about SUVs, it’s clear that Jaguar’s future health is hinged on these two as sales leaders.

Auto Express got their hands on one and sought to answer the question of whether the E-Pace feels like a true Jaguar.

Based on the same platform as the Range Rover Evoque, careful chassis tuning was carried out to subtly change the dynamic characteristics of the E-Pace. The intended result is a compact crossover that drives and feels like a true Jaguar.

Despite its sporty handling characteristics, Auto Express reports that the E-Pace feels compliant and comfortable, even riding on optional 20″ wheels.

Jaguar E-Pace Tested

Inside, we’re reminded that Jaguar is as much about luxury as it is about performance. While the interior styling may not be groundbreaking, it’s filled to the brim with high-quality materials, and can comfortably seat four adults. There’s also plenty of places to store luggage, from the rear cargo area to the downright cavernous center console.

According to Auto Express, the resulting package is a small crossover that manages to feel like a Jaguar. Hopefully that small taste will inspire many owners to remain a part of the Jaguar family when it’s time to move up.

While the E-Pace isn’t likely to find many homes with existing Jaguar owners, it’s certain to welcome a new breed of Jaguar fan with open arms. If selling tens of thousands of E-Paces means that Jaguar can continue to sell the F-Type R and the XF Sportbrake, we hope it’s a runaway success.

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