Is the Jaguar F-Type SVR the Best Sounding Car on Sale Today?

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Jaguar’s F-Type SVR is complete monster. Its 575 horsepower boosted V8’s exhaust note rips through the stillness of the night and we want one, don’t you?

In this world, things of beauty don’t always make the most sense. As a car, the low slung sports car doesn’t make much sense. The purpose of a car is to get you and your luggage from A to B. The most sensible thing to handle this task is a small fuel efficient hatchback. It checks all the practical boxes. It can haul a lot, it is economical, and completely functional. How happy are we that companies like Jaguar build cars just for pleasure. The Jaguar F-Type SVR is the ultimate enjoyment machine. The shear joy that it brings people, with its beautiful design and rowdy exhaust note is immeasurable. Jaguar F-Type SVR

So, in an effort to bring the world happiness, we advise you all to go out and buy an F-Type SVR today. When you see the smiles on children’s faces as you drive by, you will feel the satisfaction. Although we recommend the SVR, if you still want the glorious soundtrack at a less expensive price point then we suggest the V8 S convertible. We are not sure how Jaguar was able to do it, but we are JaguarForums believe the F-Type is the best sounding car on sale today. The pops, bangs, and crackles are pure insanity. We are sure these noises are not enhancing the performance, but we love them none the less. The engineers at Jaguar even made the base supercharged V6 model sound terrific. We will be honest, almost all V6s sound terrible, but not the F-Type.

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In this video, YouTuber Matt Farah of TheSmokingTire takes the Jaguar F-Type SVR out for a drive in the hills of southern California. Matt also comments on how great the SVR sounds. We may be biased, but Jaguar please keep building the best sounding sports car in the world. Let us know what you think in the comments.

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