Jaguar I-Pace is the Netherlands’ Best-selling New Vehicle

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I-PACE vs Tesla
I-Pace not only outsold all other electric vehicles, it outperformed all the internal combustion cars as well.

Jaguar registered sales of 2,621 units of the I-Pace in the Netherlands last December, making it the best-selling vehicle in the country that month. The second-most popular car was the Tesla Model S, with 1,558 registrations.

In case you are wondering why two premium battery electric cars dominated sales in the Netherlands it is because the country is changing its EV tax incentive structure starting this year. This will make luxury electric cars, such as the I-Pace, more expensive in 2019. As a result, customers flocked to the Jaguar dealerships to get the I-Pace at discounted rates.

Jaguar I-Pace

This does, however, mean that we might experience a dip in the EV demand in the country this year. But the I-Pace could still be dominating the competition, if the early customers reviews are positive. At least that’s what Jaguar should hope for, because its other vehicles are not exactly selling like hot cakes. The company’s second best-selling vehicle in the Netherlands in December 2018 was the XF sedan, which garnered just 16 registrations. Meanwhile, the F-Pace and the E-Pace SUVs sales were also low. 

2018 Jaguar I-Pace is What Car's? readers' poll champ for 2018.

Nevertheless, I-Pace’s success means Jaguar managed to sell a total of 4,626 vehicles in the Netherlands last year. That is more than Land Rover (1,667 units) and Alfa Romeo (1,372 units). I-Pace is a truly excellent electric vehicle, we know that much for certain. So hopefully we continue to see consumers responding to the car, and continued strong sales of Jaguar’s first-ever electric vehicle.

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