Jaguar XE Contends for Motor Authority’s Best Car of the Year

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If you’ve already bought a Jaguar XE, you likely already know it’s one of the best cars you can buy. But is it THE best?

That’s what Motor Authority recently sought to determine in their “Best Car to Buy 2017” competition. And of course, they couldn’t properly conduct a scientific study without an XE sample.

In choosing the XE as a nominee, MA corroborates what most here at Jaguar Forums already know: the car is certainly in “world-class sport sedan territory.”

MA specifically makes that claim about the optional supercharged V6 variant, but the way all the variants have been selling, we’re pretty sure they won’t mind us broadening the term.

Though they’re obviously impressed by the XE’s pep, MA says the car’s “greatest calling card” is the dynamics, which benefit from a light aluminum body floating atop a double-wishbone front suspension and mulit-link rear suspension. The result?

“Vehicle dynamics on par with the two most agile cars in the class, the 3-Series and the Cadillac ATS.”

Though they commend the XE for clawing into competition in a difficult class, Motor Authority ultimately ended up giving the 2017 Best Car to Buy award to the BMW M2. But while that result may be disappointing, it’s nice to know that more people are actually buying XEs.

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Via [Motor Authority]

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