Jaguar’s Classic Workshop Is a Site Worth Preserving

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When it comes to historic cars worth preserving, few marques have as many important models as Jaguar. Of all those models, perhaps none are more restoration-worthy than the Lightweight E-types. Which is part of the reason Jaguar opened their Classic Workshop in the first place.

The shop was initially created to build the remaining six Lightweight E-types left over from the original order of 18, which were built at the historic Brown Lane facility in Conventry, U.K., which closed in 1998. As you can see in the video below, the remaining cars were built at the Classic Workshop, which reopened on the same site in 2014. The legendary cars were built just as they would have been back in 1963, but with all the hindsight Jaguar has gathered since.

Now that those cars have forever changed the automotive world, Jaguar’s Classic Workshop has pivoted to restoring every other kind of historic Jag. Or they can build ’em from the ground up too.

To capture such history preserving, Bloomberg sent photographer Matthew Lloyd to photograph third-generation Jag employee Martyn Hollingsworth and his team in action. The photos are nearly as stunning as the cars themselves… nearly. So check them out, and let us know what you think.

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