Jaguar’s F-Pace is the Right Car at Just the Right Time

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Jaguar F-PACE 1

Jaguar’s first SUV, the F-Pace, is an important vehicle for the brand. It’s also the first time the company has shipped a SUV for consumers to purchase. While it might seem sacrilegious to offer such a vehicle, Porsche led the way many years ago with the Cayenne. While the F-Pace has been in development for awhile, now is the absolute perfect time for the company to bring it to market.

Why? Just look at the sales numbers for the year from other manufacturers. Lexus last year sold a 50/50 mix of cars to SUVs. So far this year? 56% are SUVs. That’s a pretty significant jump, and one that signals that luxury buyers are ditching the cars for high-riding SUVs.

Ford last month saw a 25% decline in car sales, with a small increase in SUVs. If it weren’t for their truck and SUV sales, the company would be seriously hurting right now.

Fuel prices are at low levels, even with the small surge upwards for the summer. Combined with a pretty strong economy, SUV sales are up. Not only is that good for the customer, who gets the vehicle that they really want, but it’s good for the manufacturer as well. SUVs command higher margins, even in the luxury segment, and the F-Pace has the potential to be a real money maker for the brand.

Sure, I want a F-Type, but strong F-Pace sales will help ensure the longevity of the Jaguars that I love.

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