Want to Stand Out From The Crowd? Buy a Jaguar F-Type R

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The stunning good looks and amazing sound of the Jaguar F-Type R offer a supercar experience for a bargain price. Let an F-Type R owner explain. 

The Jaguar E-Type is a classically beautiful sports car. The long hood and short back proportions are just right. The styling let people know from a distance what it was built to do; drive very fast. In fact, the styling gives you the impression it is moving while standing still. At the time it was new, Enzo Ferrari called it “the most beautiful car ever made”. Despite the great performance and good looks, the E-Type was also affordable. The Jaguar F-Type has the same principals as the E-Type.

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The designer of the F-Type, Ian Callum, is also known for his work for Aston Martin. His incredible design gives the high-performance Jaguar the stunning looks to go head to head with Aston Martin. Just like the E-Type before it, the design is iconic and it offers the performance to match, all with a reasonable price point. Of course this value proposition is even greater on the used market.

If you want the ultimate in performance, a used F-Type R will make you feel like a rockstar with a capital R. The exhaust sounds like God gargling with chainsaws and will get you attention everywhere you go. If you want the incredible styling at a more relaxed pace, then a F-Type V6 S will be your choice. Early models are on the market for under $40,000 and are still under the factory warranty.

If you live in a large city like Los Angeles, it is hard to stand out. The fleets of BMW M3s, Mercedes C63s, and Porsche 911s are around every corner. In this video, YouTuber Kevin Lo talks about his experience owning a 2016 Jaguar F-Type R. He happens to live in Los Angeles and be a former BMW owner. So, check out the video to see what he loves about his F-Type R. Let us know what you love about the F-Type in the comments.

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