Does the Jaguar F-Type R Have a Fuel Consumption Problem?

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Jaguar F-Type R

It’s not like the Jaguar F-Type R is a gas guzzler. But all that power and an intoxicating exhaust can make life ‘rough.’

Fuel economy isn’t something that most of us automotive enthusiasts think much about. Mostly because our sporty rides aren’t our daily drivers. And most of us understand that EPA figures are achieved by driving at boring speeds, with ginger manipulation of the throttle. Which is, of course, no fun whatsoever. And yet, Jaguar Forums member NavyBlue still found himself a little perplexed as to why his Jaguar F-Type R was drinking so much gas. Thus, he headed to the forums for some feedback.

“Traded in my 3rd Corvette Z51 C7 convertible for this 2017 Jaguar F-Type R convertible. Having a blast with it. Both cars’ gas tanks hold the same 18.5 gals. Both have similar EPA fuel economy of 15 city. Highway numbers are 25 for the ‘Vette, 23 for the F-Type, and 18 combined for both. But it seems like the gas tank empties a lot quicker. I’m refilling at the gas pump a lot more often. So what’s most likely culprit?”

Of course, it isn’t like the OP doesn’t have at least a few theories as to why this is happening. And they’re quite humorous, to be honest.

“The F-Type has 550 hp vs. the Corvette’s 460 hp. So guess I’m stomping on the gas a lot more often. F-Type is AWD while the ‘Vette has rear-wheel drive. So I’m stomping on the gas a lot more often to try to get some tire slippage. The F-Type has an awesome exhaust note. So I’m revving it higher to hear the exhaust burble and brapping with the top down. I also like to accelerate faster between lights to get over 60 mph and see the rear wing deploy. And finally, I’m logging 50% more miles on the F-type than the ‘Vette because of the reasons above.”

Jaguar F-Type R

Thus, it looks like the OP is just playing an early April Fool’s joke on us. And it’s quite obvious that most who chime in get it. At least, Carbuff2 certainly does.

“With more power, wouldn’t it take LESS throttle to avoid bumping into the car ahead of you? You WANT slippage? Can’t fault you on the sound, however. I LOVE it too. Luckily, the EPA’s testers are deaf. Oh, and in regards to the rear wing, flip the switch so that it’s always deployed.”

But as Arne points out, it’s way more fun to score a lower gas mileage number than a high one.

“I have managed 32.5 mpg on a 140 mile drive on country roads. Not a fun drive, but lots of traffic and lots of speed cameras made it a sensible one. So you can get pretty decent mpg with the V8 if you want to. But I would say it’s not something you do on purpose. It’s a lot more fun to see way lower mpg figures.”

Jaguar F-Type R

Heck, uncheel doesn’t seem to understand this concept at all.

“I’ve heard rumors of this thing called miles per gallon. My brother with the Prius (and a ‘Vette) even tried to explain it once. But he got nowhere with me or my other brother that drives a Tesla. All I know is, there is little that can match Jag’s SPG (smiles per gallon).”

Truthfully, fuel economy isn’t something we look at very often. Typically when we’re scrolling through the options menu trying to change the gauges, and that’s about it. But still, we want to know what you think. Are you concerned with your Jaguar F-Type R’s gas mileage? Or could you care less? Head over here and let us know!

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