Land Rover Makes Music with Oscar-winning Composer Hans Zimmer

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Partnership aims to take your favorite driving music to the next level.

When it comes to driving music, everyone has their favorite tunes. However, Land Rover wanted to go a step beyond just picking music, so they threw the keys of a new Range Rover to composer Hans Zimmer and requested that he make the music instead. In a partnership with The Atlantic, this effort has been dubbed “Scoring the Drive,” and it’s exactly as it sounds.

“The visceral feeling of driving a Range Rover on the winding roads of Angeles Crest Highway, high in the San Gabriel Mountains, is an inspiring experience,” writes The Atlantic. “We invited award-winning composer Hans Zimmer to embark on this very journey with the goal of creating a score inspired by and unique to this unparalleled drive.”

Range Rover Hans Zimmer Scoring the Drive

Zimmer introduces us to the concept by stating “everything I do, I always hear music in my head, so I score everything.” Clearly, the right man for the job, then. As Zimmer wheels the Range Rover through the winding roads of Angeles Crest, his prose is poetic, extolling the virtues of “this highway into the heavens.” Indeed, for many Angelenos, the Angeles Crest is an escape from the manic, traffic-filled, always-on culture of the infamous namesake city below.


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Angeles Crest continues for miles on end, and can seem endless, or overwhelming. Intuitively, Zimmer, again, has an eloquent thought about the experience, saying “the music should signal to you, that you are allowed to have an emotion…You want to have an experience, that is, really, what we are all after.”

What follows is Zimmer back in his studio, creating the music based upon his notes. This process is elaborated on in The Atlantic’s story, and it makes for a fascinating collage into the mind of creatives, like Zimmer. The resulting heroic soundtrack is decidedly Land Rover in sensation, whether it’s mastering the toughest terrains, or piloting the winding roads outside of Los Angeles.

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