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Jaguar MK2 is a Rare Gem with an All-American Heart Beat

Vintage Jaguar was rescued and given a new lease of life with a Buick engine and GM transmission.

  Comments | By - December 17, 2018

We Love This Viper-Powered Jaguar XJS Way Too Much

Jaguarforums.com Jaguar XJS V12 Viper V10 swap

When the XJS V12 was made, I’m sure the people putting it together never imagined one of them would end up Viper powered.

  Comments | By - December 26, 2017

A Fire-Breathing, 1JZ-GTE Swapped Jaguar E-Type. WTH?

Not just any engine though, a 1JZ-GTE, fire-breathing, twin-turbocharged Toyota engine. As a result, this E-Type moves.

  Comments | By - January 4, 2017