If You Loved the Jaguar XK180 Concept, Now You Can Buy One

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Jaguar XK180 Concept

The Jaguar XK180 Concept blew everyone away at the 1999 Paris Motor Show. And if you’ve ever wanted to own one, you’re in luck.

Jaguar has made plenty of glorious concepts during its history. But even after nearly 20 years, one that’s continued to fascinate fans is the stunning Jaguar XK180 Concept. Audiences first got a glimpse of this kitty at the Paris Motor Show just before the turn of the century, and it still looks cutting edge—even today.

The XK180 was designed to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the company’s venerable XK line, and even from 30,000 feet, the gorgeous curves make the roadster’s lineage apparent. Now, it’s worth noting that example currently available for sale isn’t the same one which graced the stage in the City of Lights. It’s a replica built by the craftsmen at Autobedrijf de Koning BV in the Netherlands. But we’d bet the attention to detail here—the company got the dimensions straight from Jaguar—would fool anyone familiar with the original design.

One of the XK180’s most striking features is the organically flowing windscreen, which looks less like the traditional version, and more like a clear extension of the bodywork. It’s a beautiful piece, and I absolutely love how it plunges between the driver and passenger seats—even if the complexity makes me terrified about the prospect of it catching a stray rock. I also love how the windscreen’s shape continues across the cabin to the humps of the rear truck lid. That detail and the lovely wrap-around windows give the concept a feel that’s equal parts old-school race car and open-top fighter jet, and if it’s half as hypnotizing in person as it is in photos, you’ll probably need a stun gun to get people to stop staring.

Under the sexy skin, the XK180 Concept replica features the running gear from a XKR, and we think the $272k asking price seems like a steal. After all, an aluminum C-Type or D-Type reproduction will run you over a 100k, and the amount of bespoke bits on this baby had to cost a king’s ransom to produce. See the official listing here.

Check out the photos below, and sound off about this amazing creation in the forums!

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