Project Lynx Eventer Replication: Jaguar XJS V12

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During the golden era of the X27 model Jaguar XJS an English coachbuilder by the name of Lynx did professional Shooting Brake conversions. That is exactly what this Georgian gentleman, member bullittandy is personally replicating for his 1989 Jaguar XJS V12. The Lynx Company did a production of 67 XJS wagon models named the Lynx Eventer. Here is the link to the 40th example built found by Autoweek in an auction going for a minimum of $54,000. Ride along with me as we tour his pictures documenting the conversion of the Jaguar XJS into a Shooting Brake.

Before we look at bullitttandy’s XJS V12 let’s look at this other lads piece in Autoweek who shared that Lynx’s work relocating the C-Pillar rearward changed the weight distribution and lightened up the vehicle’s weight. It wasn’t mentioned if the weight ratio became more balanced. Although I imagine it’s a more even set up countering the weight of the front V12 to the light rear end. As a youth I thought wagons were foolish. Now I’m right in line with this gent, thinking how can I have everything in a car; spirit, power, looks, rarity and space the big liviability factor.

Bullittandy’s project begins with the disassembling and cutting of the body to his precise specifications. Not shown though he does share the exposed rear with the cut out body. The foundation is ready. The project proceeds with him adding the rear side window frames. His craftsmanship shows in the pictures with his attention to detail of small areas he is cleaning up, rust-proofing and sealing.

Progressing to the roof he has welded cross bars in from a late-model Chevy truck looking burly and well-suited for the strength needed. The roof panel is also from a Chevy truck. Nice bend of the roof around the frame and welding job. Quality close up pictures. I am impressed with his abilities already. When removing the rear section of a car, the car must be reinforced to recapture that lost rigidity. Take a look at these rear lower cab square bar reinforcements he has added, magnifique! Fine job with the placement, size and welding job.

The rear hatch is another random part from a Nissan 280Z. I think it’s brilliant the patchwork of parts instead of climbing mountains to replicate the Lynx exactly. The pictures show a rough look but I can agree with a unnamed member’s comment about bullittandy’s XJS, that the roof lines into the hatchback are smoother than the Lynx’s ultra-angular stature. After Dr. FrankenJaguar fully installed the rear componentry, it was time for priming, painting and installing the interior. Have you ever thought about converting your Jaguar into an XJS Shooting Brake? Have you done a conversion to a wagon or convertible? Tell us your story. Is there a speciality conversion garage in your city? Share with us.

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