JaguarForums Member Undertakes a Thorough Mk2 340 Restoration

By - Member Restoration Jagaur MK2 340

Join along in the process of this beautiful classic Jaguar restoration as it happens.

There are some people in this world who earn respect by diligence and dedication. In this instance, forum member TilleyJon has earned his respect by keeping up with and documenting in incredible detail  an incredibly thorough restoration of a vintage Jaguar Mk2 340.

The very first post to document this journey was way back in December of 2016, and from there we see the initial stages of disassembly. Luckily, body rot initially did not look too advanced, at least, at first. However, once the trim was peeled away, there was a fair bit of metal to mend. The amount of cutting out and welding-in of new metal was not insignificant. New arches and a lot of sheet metal up in the front of the car needed mending. In all 1.2 square meters of metal was replaced, and after lots of prep, it’s currently in a state of primer.

Under the car, suspension components are kept as preserved as possible, only replacing what’s actually needed (rubber bushings), while sand blasting and re-painting anything else that’s still good enough to go back on the car (linkages, subframes). As well, the brakes have been completely refurbished and rebuilt.

Things in the engine bay will be spruced up significantly, with a fully re-built engine. As opposed to the other parts of the car kept original as possible, things on the engine were a bit different. New pistons will sit in a re-bored block and turn a balanced crankshaft spining in new bearings, and lightened and balanced flywheel. Up on the cylinder head, valves, valve seats, valve springs, and guides are all new.

Progress is still on-going, but we are given a great deal of hope with TilleyJon recently chiming back in, saying he’s hoping that the restoration will be completed before the three year mark is up at the end of next year.

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Patrick Morgan is an instructor at Chicago's Autobahn Country Club and contributes to a number of Auto sites, including MB World and 6SpeedOnline.

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