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Default XJ8 / XJR 'HOW TO' quick links

All posts worthy of FAQdom to be placed here in link form.
Please advise either myself, Caddie or one of the other mods who will arrange this for everyones future benefit

Purchasing a pre-owned XJ8 or XJR in this model year range? Please note the items below -

Originally Posted by [B
Sinister 1]

Here's the list of the notes I wrote to myself after scouring this site for a couple of weeks.

Any questions just ask.

Also if anyone has something to add please reply and I'll add it to the list.

Time Needed

2 Hours

Tools to take with you
  • Digital Camera
  • Inspection Mirror
  • Creeper
  • Jack
  • Jack Stands
  • Bright Mini Flashlight and batteries
  • Tread Depth Gauge
  • Compact Disc with music on it.
  • Watch
Operate all controls in the vehicle and verify they are functioning in every way.

Check all exterior lights.

Check Operation of Mirrors

Operate Air Conditioning and verify outlet temp.

Check all Seat Heaters Front and Rear.

Check Armrest Cupholder and verify it’s not broken.

Operate Wiper and Washer. Check for smooth operation and even delay time. Erratic Operation is a problem to watch for.

Check Headliner. Make sure fabric is not separating.

Check condition of all wood trim. Some clearcoat cracks are normal. Split wood is another issue.

Check condition of seating surfaces

Verify function of power seats and lumbar support.

Verify that both keys Start the car.

Check the function of both remotes.

Verify the radio unlock code is known.

Verify function of CD Player

Turn up the volume and listen for bad speakers.

Verify the clock works and keeps time.

Check all painted surfaces and look for inconsistencies in gaps and paint.

Check body panels and note all damage.

Check condition of windshield.

Check Door Jambs for evidence of paint overspray.

Check every body panel for the factory Jaguar VIN tag. Verify last 4 digits. The hood, decklid, doors and bumper beams will have tags if the panels are original.

Let Owner know the car must be Stone Cold when you get there. You want to do a cold start and check for Valvetrain Noise. Verify temp of engine, then start. If it rattles it needs Timing Chain Tensioners.

Once cold started turn around imedeately and verify it did not spew a cloud of blue smoke.

Remove Oil Cap and Dipstick to look for sludge buildup. Peer down in valve cover and look at the valvetrain. Is it clean or a carmel brown? Any sludge?

Check Valve Cover Breather Hoses and look for sludge inside or if it’s full of oil.

Remove the Intake Air Inlet Hose and look for sludge or if it’s dripping with oil.

Check throttle body for buildup of sludge.

Check MAF for buildup of sludge.

Check Air Filter for evidence of oil.

For a Nicasil Engine check for Blow By. (Remove oil cap on warm running engine and look for excessive oil vapor or moisture)

Verify Water Pump has been replaced.
Verify Thermostat Housing is Aluminum

Verify Thermostat has been replaced.

Look for Gasket Leaks

Verify Timing Tensioners have been replaced.

Verify Throttle Body Replacement

Verify if Engine was replaced.

If Engine is a Remanufactured unit it should have Blue Temp Strips on the rear of the Cylinder Heads. Try to view with an inspection mirror and the flashlight.

Verify tread depth and that tires are worn evenly.

Check condition of wheels. Curbed?

Look at brake rotors. High ridges on outer edge tell you they are worn.

Look for Transmission Leaks

Verify if Transmission was replaced.

Look for Differential Leaks

Verify Differential Service.

Verify Trans Fluid has been drained and refilled.

Verify Wheel Bearings have been serviced.

Look for rust under all footwells.

Look for evidence of car being bottomed out.

Check condition of ball joints and tie rods.

Check condition of shocks.

Jaguar Electronic Parts Catalog:

Full Jaguar EPC Download, with complete install instructions.



DOWNLOADS (Assorted Tech files)

JTIS21 CD Download and install thread (thanks to Jim Lombardi)



Timing Chain Tensioners DIY, Primary and Secondary (thanks to Blackonyx)

https://www.jaguarforums.com/forum/x...nsioners-4747/ Timing chain DIY

Checklist for buying a pre-owned XJ (many items will overlap any car)


O2 Sensor Replacement (thanks to Highhorse)


How To Change Knock Sensors AJ V8 Engine by DavidN

How To Repair Door Panel by avt007

https://www.jaguarforums.com/forum/x...r-pics-128562/ How to replace front shock bushings by Vector

Color Codes (Paint)

https://www.jaguarforums.com/forum/x...-xj8-vp-61830/ by FinAdvisor

..."Restricted Performance" (some threads are XK8/R 4.0L, but still applicable here)
Link 1 | Link 2 | Link 3 | Link 4 | Link 5 | Link 6| Link 7
Forward Clutch Drum Removal

%20XJR%20Transmission%20Drain%20&%20Fill%20%20by%20jimlombardi%3C/p%3E%3Cp%3E%20XJR%20Transmission%20Drain%20and%20Fill%20Instr uctions%20%20by%20jimlombardi%3C/p%3E%3Cp%3Eelectrical_diagram
X308 Charging/Starting Troubleshooting Rev 2.2 (by avt007): http://www.mediafire.com/view/j4irvg...g_Rev._2.2.pdf

Aux in connection at CD
HOW TO: AUX install (alpine premium) Complete instructions! (Thanks to Gopi Hira)



Fuel Pump:
Step by step fuel pump replacement (by avt007): http://www.mediafire.com/view/377tqn...s_Rev._1.3.pdf

How To Repair Fuel Pump

Driveshaft/Propshaft Center Bearing Info (thanks to Highhorse)

Driveshaft/Propshaft Center Bearing Info

Driveshaft/Propshaft Balance & Alignment Info (thanks to euphonium01)

New Thread - But An Old Problem! (Driveshaft / Propshaft)

Remote Key Fob Button Repair (thanks to bdoyle):

Please find below a list of files that will help you to decode your VIN numbers and also help identify your engine, paint, and trim combinations together with control module locations for your car.

Special thanks go to xjrguy for supplying the files.

Daimler Limo.pdf includes Hearse
Series III_en.pdf
X100_en_2000-02_US.pdf XK8 & XKR 2000 MY
X100_en_ROW.pdf XK8 & XKR ROW
X100_en_US.pdf XK8 to 1998 MY
X103_en_US.pdf XK8 & XKR 2003 MY
X150_en_US.pdf New XK range 2007 MY
X200_en_US Part1.pdf S Type
X200_en_US Part2.pdf S Type (shows trim/colour combo’s
X250_en_US.pdf XF
X300_en_US.pdf 1995 to 1997
X308_en_ROW.pdf 1998 to 2000
X308_en_US.pdf 2000 to 2003
X350_en_Final_US.pdf 2003 to 2010
X350_en_US.pdf 2003 to 2006 rough road markets
X351_en_2010 on.pdf XJ 2010 on
X400_en_US.pdf X Type 2001 to 2006
XJ40 a_en_US.pdf 1987 to 1992
XJ40 b_en_US.pdf 1993 to 1994
XJS_en_92 on_US.pdf 1992 to 1996
XJS_en_thru 91_US.pdf to 1992
Jaguar Vin Decoder.pdf Explanations

Some other VIN related tools:

Auto Calculator Site (enter your VIN and decode).
Xclusively Jaguar site (scroll down the page for links to various models) Shown as a chart

Wheels and Tires:

Wheels and Tires Standard Fitment Guides

Miscellaneous :

Antenna Mast Replacement

https://www.jaguarforums.com/forum/x...ics-faq-55015/ by mzs biteme

https://www.jaguarforums.com/forum/x...55/#post423399 by Estilian


These files provided by jimlombardi , a special thank you to him

This includes :
-Transmission removal
-Transmission installation
-Transmission fluid drain and frefill
-Transmission specs
-XJ Exhaust remove and installation
-XJ Front Muffler
-XJ Exhaust System

https://www.jaguarforums.com/forum/x...r-56794/page2/ (How to Remove Glove Box )
https://www.jaguarforums.com/forum/x...ery-dim-59315/ (Instrument Panel Installment)
https://www.jaguarforums.com/forum/x...30/#post531164 supplied by Ianclements.
Heated front seat install By danielsand

Reposition knock sensor in S/C engine By Vector

How To Renovate Faded Wheel Centre / Center Caps (thanks to ericjansen):


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Hi all,
please advise of any posts that seem worthy of being added to the FAQ's so that we can update them.
Either contact myself or one of the mods and we'll get it sorted.
This is for the future benefit of ALL.

In the meantime I'm locking this thread so it doesn't get diluted with many responses taking away from the original intention of the post.

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