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XK8 & XKR 'HOW TO' / DIY Repair & Maintenance Links / Facts & Data

XK8 / XKR ( X100 ) 1996 - 2006

XK8 & XKR 'HOW TO' / DIY Repair & Maintenance Links / Facts & Data

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Default XK8 & XKR 'HOW TO' / DIY Repair & Maintenance Links / Facts & Data


Please find below links to 'HOW TO' subjects to date.

There may well be some missing that YOU think should be included OR have information that may supersede info below. In this case please contact either myself or one of the mods.

Links to subjects:

How to use the SEARCH function

I’m buying a used XK8/XKR, what should I look for?
Link 1
| Link 2

An XK8 Primer for the new owner:
XK8 Primer for the new owner




Searching for a used/salvaged or reconditioned part (body, mechanical, wheels, etc) try this mega-database called Car-Part.com. I find it more vast than ebay, prices included on most items too.


Looking for the JTIS (Jaguar Technician Information System) CD? Go to this thread, read it, and find the link in post # 102 for the download files. If that gives you trouble, we have another thread started here for another download.

- Would you like to run your JTIS CD on Windows 7 of Vista? Here are instructions on how to make it work.

What about an official Jaguar Electronic Parts Catalogue (JEPC)? It includes all model years models with a revision date of 11/2008. Visit this thread for the download link and specific instructions to make it operate from your hard drive.
Download a copy of the driver's manual, navigation or multimedia system, bluetooth and jaguar voice manuals, list of available accessories, and other model specific documents from Jaguar

Download the Jaguar XK Vehicle Care Manual; find out how to check fluids, change light bulbs, tow your car, change a tire, locate fuse boxes and individual fuses.

xk8/xkr_handbook_download_1997_2003 GGG

DOWNLOADS (Assorted Tech Guides)
Parts List and Diagrams for 1997-2005, Pages 1-10 (in pdf)
Parts List and Diagrams for 1997-2005, Pages 11-23 (in pdf)

More Parts Files (kindly supplied by hlgeorge)
XK8 Parts, locations and identification fiches. (in pdf format)

XK8 Parts, File 1
Engine Management/Emission Systems
Air and Fuel Delivery Systems
Engine Cooling Systems
Exhaust System and Components
Transmission and Driveline
Steering and Suspension
Braking System
Air con/Heating/Ventilation
Wiper and Washer Systems

XK8 Parts, File 2
Electrical Distribution System
Information Systems and Controls
Battery/Starter Motor/Alternator
In Car Entertainment
Lighting- Exterior/Interior
Locking/Security Systems/Horns
Occupant Restraints
Interior Trim and Linings

XK8 Parts, File 3
Exterior Fittings and Sunroof
Body Closures and Sealing
Body Metal Panels and Sealing
AJV8 Engine and 5HP24 Technical Information (in pdf) from Jaguar August 1996
XK, XJ and S-type (2001 MY - technical information) in pdf, from Jaguar August 2000
Pages 1-60 Introduction to the 1997 MY XK8, in pdf, from Jaguar August 1996
Pages 61-122 Introduction to the 1997 MY XK8, in pdf, from Jaguar August 1996
XK and XJ 1999 MY Update - technical information, in pdf, from Jaguar July 1998
2003 MY Technical Service Guide and an introduction to the new features (a good read!), in pdf

Vehicle Specifications
^ ^ for the XK8/R, S-type, X-type and XJ; includes VIN identification, bank/cylinder ID, torque specs, alignment specs (if they haven't been superseded by new ones - check with dealer), spark plug and all fluids specs, and a ton of other good information

Thanks to Dan at Nalley Jaguar, we now have an XK Accessory catalog for the XK8/R. Many of these can still be ordered, just ask them.

Would you like to know how Jaguars WDS/IDS/SDD diagnostic computer system works? You're questions answered, they will be.

Driving Cycle Instructions, by Ford...but hey, maybe it applies?!

Happy Owners
Link 1
| Link 2

Topics in Alphabetical Order A-M

ABS / Traction Control
. Cleaning the wheel speed sensors to clear an intermittent DSC fault.
. Reparing the ABS module using a little soldering skill to correct another intermittent DSC/Traction Control fault. If you have a 1997 or 1998, please read this thread before you start cutting apart your ABS module.
. Very thorough diagnosis of ABS module failure
. Another Link

Air Bag (Secondary Restraint System)
. Air Bag 'Flashing' Codes straight from a Jaguar TSB (in pdf)
. Driver's Air Bag Light Blinking 2-2 - DIY diagnosis
https://www.jaguarforums.com/forum/at...1&d=1357809011 Airbag codes and checks, thanks to Azeteg

Air Conditioning
. Link 1 with ambient temperature chart
. A/C Error Codes and Repair/Troubleshooting guide from the JTIS

Alignment issues
. Link 1

. Disconnecting / Remote Switch Install
. Replacement & Repair

Audio Upgrades
. Link 1 | Link 2
. Fascia Adapter parts required from Jaguar for a single-DIN aftermarket stereo
. Subwoofer addition to rear 'seat'
. I-phone integration, including video out to the NAV screen (HDMI), bluetooth streaming and phone - all with the factory head unit!
Battery and/or Charging System

'Hard Reset' and procedure after battery disconnect. Thanks to Steveinfrance, Graham, Derek & Red1bw

. Dead battery and can't open the boot to jump start?

Originally Posted by Paul Pavlik
These terminals can be used to charge the Battery or power the car so that the trunk can be opened with the button on the dash.

Originally Posted by Paul Pavlik
They can NOT be used to start the Car.

Bluetooth & Auxilliary Input Additions
. Bluetooth to Jag Wiring & an auxiliary input
See also "Audio" above

Sat Nav Conversion to "CarPlay" with Multi-Gauge DisplayThanks to RayR

. Bleeding the brakes
. Brake pad options, XK8 & Rs #1
. Brake pad options, XK8 & Rs #2
. Brake pad and rotor replacement Step-by-Step Guide (on an XJ8, but all still applies to the XK8)
. Brake switch replacement (write up c/w pics )
. Brake rotor specifications, regular and Brembos, N/A and S/C, with minimum thickness and runout data

CAN & SCP message lists(thanks to michaelh)

Car won't start? - read this first (see 'Engine' Section below also)
> Car won't start

Check Engine / CEL Codes
. Cruise Control Unavailable

... Restricted Performance

See Transmission below
P0351, P0354, P0356, P0357, and P1367 - ECM leaking capacitor leads to CEL and Restricted Performance faults: TSB 303-49 Restricted Performance.pdf

Climate control
. Error Codes translated

. Heater vents sticking
. Climate Control Module rebuilding companies
. A How-To article on retrofitting the OEM cabin air filter housing into the car (RHD car instructions w/ lots of pictures!) Also shows you how to remove your wiper arms.

Color Codes (paint)
. Exterior

Convertible Top Latch Hydraulic Leaks
. Have you received a green shower? Does your top groan and fail to open and/or close. Fixes, parts, pics and advice a-plenty here in this thread.
. (Option 1). (Option 2)(Option 3)
Green shower convertible leak fix. HOW TO
Thanks to frankc

Differential oil
how to top up your diff oil
Coolant System (Expansion Tank, radiator, hoses, thermostat, etc)
. Coolant testing method to determine performance
. Replacing a leaking thermostat tower
. Different types of coolant for different model years - a good discussion of the differences and why the change

Engine (General)

. Cylinder Wash - is this your problem? Did you run your engine for just few seconds or a minute, and now it won't start?
Detailed Procedures for Starting an Engine that ran for a moment and now won't start. (thanks Gus).

. Noises Observed at Startup (usually cold)
. Leaking Engine Mounts
. Want to replace an engine mount yourself? Instructions are in this thread.
. Engine Control Module rebuilding companies
. Swapping a 4.0L with a 4.2L Success
. Can a supercharged engine be installed into a normal aspirated car? (applies to S-type R, XKR, and XJR)
. Cleaning the Throttle Body, MAFS & Part Load Breather DIY instructions(from another good site - maxperformancecars.com)
. Jaguar's recommended maintenance schedule and detailed TSB for full load breather cleaning
. How to change spark plugs (with video)
. Understanding Fuel Trims
. Oil in the airbox - might be an easier fix than you think FAQ Thanks to The Coupe
Supercharger removal Thanks to Mawwdg
Cylinder Identification - this might help


Originally Posted by test point
The engine serial number encodes the date the engine came off the engine assembly line. The conversion to metal tensioners occurred on August 13, 2001, thus a serial number of 010813xxxx (YYMMDDHHMM). There is no direct correlation between the engine serial number (date of engine assembly) and the VIN although a dealer can provide the engine number from the VIN.

Link 1
| Link 2 | Link 3

. Primary and secondary tensioner repalcement Thanks to Matt (H20boy)
Story of secondary tensioner failure and broken timing chain] (XJ section, but same 4.0 engine)]
Secondary tensioner change Zip Tie Method EZDriver
Timing Chain Tensioners DIY, Primary and Secondary (thanks to Blackonyx)

. Find your Electrical Diagrams and Information (All Model Years - even other models)
. Brake Lights intermittent function - caused by a melted ground (good news, there's a fix here!)
. Check ECM ground via OBD port
.Instrument lights not turning on check this thanks to: or_blk_XKR
https://www.jaguarforums.com/forum/x...cement-165264/ : thanks to Flakster

. How the onboard EVAP test works -with thanks to ccfulton

Exterior / Mechanical Issues
. Door Handle Removal & Gasket Trim Kit replacement
. How to replace the XK8 grille and overriders with the XKR mesh
. Replacing an early MY boot plinth (trunk finisher) with a newer version and adding a release button (authored by XKRacer, and soon to be a New York Times bestseller)

Exterior / Cosmetic Issues
. How to touchup the paint on the 'grey' window molding (waist rail)
. Removal and replacement of the bonnet badge

Removing the rear parking sensor, thanks to Tony and Frog
Rear bumper parking sensor - how to remove?

Factory Phone
. Link 1
Phone Connector Pin Outs
https://www.jaguarforums.com/forum/x...9/#post1576056 (thanks to SISB)

Fuses / Battery / Power Issues
. Fuse chart for 2002

Gasoline & Fuel - Octane requirements
. Octane requirements discussion

Headlamps (HID and Halogen)
. Moisture / Condensation in Housing
. TSB 417-05 (install a vent)

Heater Pump Removal (thanks to RaceDiagnostics)
Heater Pump Removal - "How To"

HID / Xenon Ballast

Originally Posted by Red1bw

The ballast is made by Valeo, and ballasts are not designed to last forever, so they will eventually "burn out." When this time comes,this Valeo (12 pin) LAD5G ballast is used in several other cars by several other car companies. After researching them all, this ballast is sold cheapest by Chrysler / Jeep / Dodge - part# is 68019173AA in the $230 price range.

Originally Posted by Red1bw
The ballast is found by removing the headlamp, turning it upside down, then replacing the old one.

Interior / Mechanical Issues
. Defroster / Demister rattle repair procedure (with lots of pics)
. Door Panel Removal (Door Card)
. Adjustment of Window using the regulator stop, with video
. DIY Visor Repair (to correct 'the flopsies', no tape required!) with Video
. HomeLink Garage Door Un
it - compatibility issues discussed
. DIY Cup Holder Repair
. Emergency boot access - key locked in boot
. Tilt/Reach Steering wheel Motor #1
. Tilt/Reach Steering Wheel Motor #2 (on an XJ, but still applicable)
. Here's a possible DIY fix thread
. Popping Door Hinges?
. Rear Window Regulator Removal and Replacement
. Seat Headrest
. Another Headrest Fix Thanks to Mike R

Want a simple video instead of all this reading? The Reverend Sam has you covered -
go here

. Door Latch Removal - Window drop and return promptly upon release? Is the door always 'open' according to your car? Door latch is at fault, and here's another Reverend Sam video to show you how to get it out...then you're on your own. j/k
. Replacement of the micro switches in the Door Latch - DIY instructions provided

Interior / Electrical Issues
. DIY Bulb Replacement #1 (gauges, cluster, and other names) PDF with pics of the process
. DIY Bulb Replacement #2 (gauges, cluster, and other names)
. DIY Bulb Replacment Video
. Seat Operation
. Seat Memory
. Trunk Lights inoperable due to failed micro switch

Mass Air Flow Sensor (MAFS)
Discussion of Cleaning Link 1 | Link 2
. Here's the DIY instructions (from another good site - maxperformancecars.com)

Mirror (rear view) replacement & repair
. Link 1

More Topics in Next Post
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Airbag codes and checking.PDF (1.40 MB, 2346 views)

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Topics in Alphabetical Order N-Z + Gus's Links

Navigation System / Software / DVD maps
. Link 1
. Download the last available Alpine / Jaguar navigation disc image (w/analog clock) 2003, BM9JG91F (user accepts all risks)

. Link 1
. Nikasil Origins and how to test for engine damage
(see also below in Gus's section for another link)

Oxygen sensor disconnection - Thanks to WhiteXKR

Radiator (and other related items)
. Radiator flush & fill (with instructions for the thermostat replacement) DIY, in pdf. Ext
Expansion tank replacement '03 XKR Thanks to BurgXK8

Remote Keyless Transmitter (key fob) Programming
. Link 1
. Re-coding Remote Alarm Transmitter

Seat Switchpack - broken housing repair (thanks to Colquan1066)

Steering Components
. Steering Rack Rebuild - instructions with pics!
. Rack Removal
https://www.jaguarforums.com/forum/x...-video-117243/ (thanks to RaceDiagnostics)
Steering Rack Adjustment (thanks to RaceDiagnostics)
Reach and Tilt - repair procedure:
Thread - https://www.jaguarforums.com/forum/x...repair-185672/
Download - http://www.mediafire.com/file/38ea91..._MSN_W2011.pdf (thanks to Colquan1066)

. Bilstein Shock Application Guide (in PDF) Ext
. Lower Control Arms
. Shimmy Cured by Lower Ball Joints
. Sway Bar Bushes
. DIY Upper A-Arm and Lower Shock Bushing Replacement
. Upper Shock Mount Replacement (DIY)
. How To Replace Upper Suspension Bushings in Video by Reverand Sam
.How to Replace the Tie Rod Ends in Video by Reverend Sam

. DIY Replacement instructions (in pdf and very detailed) Ext

Thermostat Housing Replacement 4.2 Engine

Throttle Body
. Service Action and Moisture
. Cable Adjustment increases throttle response and restores original performance potential (DIY with video instructions)
. Accelerator Pedal Position DIY repair with pics!

Tow Hook
For details of the different Tow Hooks, see this thread:
https://www.jaguarforums.com/forum/x...w-hook-203286/ - thans to motorcarman

Transmission Issues
. Discussion of 'sealed for life' and synthetic fluids (s-type section, but ZF tranny applies)
. Alternate ATF fluids for the ZF transmissions
. ZF TE-ML list of lubricants (in pdf form)
. ZF Lifeguard Fluid brochure for 5HP and 6HP transmissions (in pdf form)
. Transmission Control Module rebuilding companies

.. ’96 - '02 XK8 ZF 5HP24
Fluid Information (XJ area, but still applies here)
Fluid Level and Service (XJ area, but still applies)
A-drum and B-drum Failure
A-drum failure and repair instructions from the XJ forums (same tranny)
Rebuilt A-drum part from a member's company
Linkage and Cable

.. '03 - '06 XK8 ZF 6HP26
TSBs and links
Want to drain/refill your ZF 6HP29 transmission? Here's a guide to getting the proper amount of fluid back into it.

6JP26 Transmission Pan Torque Sequence
ZF Lifeguard 6 transmission fluid and pan, all in one kit here for your DIY pleasure. Ext

Additives - a discussion on anti-slip cure


Originally Posted by jon89
-- Correspondence synopsis with ZF regarding the transmission --
1. Why no dipstick and filler tube in my ZF?
While ZF recognizes that some owners are quite capable of monitoring and changing their own ATF, they believe that most owners would cause severe problems if they were easily able to drain and fill their own transmissions. ZF units are extremely sensitive to being both overfilled and underfilled, and ZF believes that they are far better off from a legal perspective (especially through the warranty period) if they keep their units sealed.

2. Why is ZF Fluid so ridiculously expensive?
ZF acknowledges that their ATF prices are far higher than what we consider as normal here in the U.S. European tariffs, taxes, shipping, etc. have all contributed to keeping the price of this stuff artificially high. In just the last month, ZF has reacted by lowering their ATF prices here in the U.S. Whether this has filtered down to dealership parts departments remains to be seen.
3. What about running other well-respected and far less costly ATFs in my ZF?
While other ATFs on the market may indeed meet the published ZF specs and lubrication requirements, ZF has never tested any other fluids in its transmissions and has no idea what may or may not work long-term other than its own proprietary ZF Fluid. ZF does not doubt that there may be other fluids on the market that could do the job, but they continue to specify that ZF Fluid is the required standard. If you choose to run anything else while you are under warranty, you void your warranty as expected.
4. How frequently should the ATF in my ZF be changed?
For vehicles driven "under normal conditions" (meaning a 50/50 mix of highway/city driving, no towing, no gravel or dirt roads, and no hotrodding), ZF Fluid should be good for at least 100,000 miles. For vehicles that are hotrodded, see mostly city stop-and-go driving, do any towing, or are driven in dusty conditions, you should begin to think about changing your ZF Fluid in as few as 60,000 miles.
Disclaimer - While I appreciated obtaining this information from ZF, it should under no circumstances be considered as the ultimate truth. Read it carefully and draw your own conclusions based upon your own experiences....
Zip Kits - repair solution for transmission wear (thanks to Jon89)

XKR pre 2002 Mercedes transmission (W5A580) - Conductor Plate (thanks to rjulius)

.. "Restricted Performance"
Link 1 | Link 2 | Link 3 | Link 4 | Link 5 | Link 6 | Link 7
. Diagnosing supercharger overtemp condition; intercooler pump motor failure on XKR

.. "Fail Safe" Mode
Link 1 | Link 2

Tow Hooks
. Sizes and Availability

Water Pump/Thermostat
. Link 1 | Link 2

Wheel Sizes and Types
Originally Posted by XKRacer
The numbers...
Originally Posted by XKRacer
Pattern: 5 bolt, 120.65 mm PCD (4.75"), 74.1 mm counterbore
Offset: rears = 18 mm, fronts 25 mm
. Link 1 |
Link 2
- Wheels and Tires Standard Fitment Guides
- BBS Wheel trim removal and reinstallation procedure

Warning Chime Speaker Replacement (thanks to TexMurphy)

Window Regulator - swap out
(thanks to RaceDiagnostics)

Window Reset and Related Battery voltage
. Link 1 | Link 2
. Window Adjustment
. Window Adjustment_video - setting the convertible's 'drop' height when lifting the handle
. Another window adjustment video from Reverend Sam, with the final adjustment points shown necessary to align the glass to the seals, set the final stopping point, and how to get the 'tilt' for the best, most quiet alignment.
. Window Immediately Raises upon Release of Door Handle (failed micro switch in door latch)
. Rear Quarter Glass Adjustment (from the JTIS) did you know there are three (3) different adjustments for that small piece of glass?!?

. https://www.jaguarforums.com/forum/x...ost-how-77976/ Window adjustment tip from SeismicGuy

Three Workshop Manuals are available in PDF format (thanks to jonscot):

1. First Edition - 1997
The 'First edition' is a scan of the original paper Workshop Manual in the same style and layout as for earlier models (XJ40 / X300).

2. Second Edition - 1999
The 'Second Edition' is created as a PDF with the ability to navigate from the index. It is for the 4.0 litre models

3. Third Edition - 2003
The 'Third edition' is also a fully navigable PDF for the 4.2 litre models.


This section below is a compilation of articles and projects completed by one of our members - Gus. He has permitted us to post these directly here, and will link to his personal autorepair web page. It is packed with DIY instructions and pictures. The information is provided by Gus for information and reference use only, and may not apply to your particular situation and circumstances. Please use discretion when using the content.

How To Renovate Faded Wheel Centre / Center Caps (thanks to ericjansen):

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Broken link issues now resolved!
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